The lab started its work on January 15th, 2022. At the start, we had 8 players with us, but their number began to grow rapidly.

After a year and a half, there are about 250 players in Fiatlab. We are proud of what our players and teachers have managed to achieve and have tried to present a complete picture of the results on our website.

Interactive charts from SharkScope give an unbiased view of the results, but we also share our internal statistics. Sharkscope has certain limitations — for example, it only displays Avg ROI instead of Total, which we and most professionals use. And the ABI is presented in a not very convenient form of Stake, without considering the rake. In addition, players leaving the foundation can hide their nicknames, which leads to their removal from the alias.

Tables with data from our internal statistics database are based on the same SharkScope data, but reflect, in our opinion, a more complete and objective picture.

Results data by degrees are presented as of 15.01.24
Results data by degrees are presented as of 15.01.24